Bunker Response Team

This is an image design I put together recently which can be easily applied for T-Shirts and or other options. This was created using Clip Studio Paint with a multilayer process. I find that Clip Studio Paint is my choice for drawing almost anything digitally. I like the flexibility that it offers.

I began the design by building the frame of the shield first using a curve tool and polyline tool in tandem. Once I got the lines where they needed to be, I then locked the layer so I didn’t accidently select and change it.

The next layer I made was the text layer which was created first in Microsoft PowerPoint and then exported into Clip Studio Paint as a .jpg file. I was then very easily able to manipulate the text where it needed to be within the shield. While I think Clip Studio Paint has a lot of capability for script text in comics, I have a hard time using the text tool for anything else.

After my text was layed in, the next layer was the skull itself. I drew it using a pen tool and specifically, the for effect line tool. This gave the skull a nice thick to thin line and added nicely to the character of the piece.

Now for the colors. The last part of the project was the colors. I did these as separate layers as well. I should have created layer folders for each but I instead gave each layer it’s own layer in one large folder.

The first color I applied were the flats of the shield. These were then saved and locked. I then selected the flats after creating a new layer to do the fine lines, detailing, and shadows. The selection tool allowed me to detail these areas without having to “go outside the lines”.

Finally, I did the same process for the Skull and added a generic flag. the glow on the Skulls eye was creating using the urchin tool. Prior to having the client approve the piece, I added a 35% fade. This is a cool effect which allows the shirt design to better blend into the color of the T-Shirt. It helps to know what color shirt you will place this on prior to colorization though. A quick background layer also provides the blending necessary so you don’t end up with a box around the design on the shirt. I save my files as high resolution 6000 x 6000 350 dpi .png files.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Vacation Day 3

First daytime rain we have had since vacation started…still very beautiful here. From my vantage point I was very easily able to capture the falling raindrops from the evesdrop. They were falling in sets of three and four at a time. You would have thought that they had rehearsed it.

The perspective angles here are quite amazing. All of the nooks and breaks of the building line structure provide quite the inspiration for city scapes with character.

A little hard to see here but the diagonal fall of the rain looks like a filter in Clip Studio Paint. The storm has picked up a bit but the falling drops could be recreated using the blood spatter tool with a transparent color of sorts against a darker sky. This is something I will have to try after we get back…alas no laptops came out on vacation.

Vacation Day 2

Day 2 at Carolina Beach.

A terrific day of boogieboarding and beach sitting in the warm sands here. Great food, family, and fun fill the air around us. 

Got some blog issues worked out today with the assistance of siteground that hosts my wesite.

To follow my posts, simply provide an email and you will be notified of my new art, posts, and updates. I have provided a widget to make it easier to  for folkes to sign up.

My sketchbook is coming out tomorrow so I will he sharing my plans and ideas with you soon…stay tuned.

Vacation Day 1

I am out on the beach today refocusing my creative energy and catching up on some long overdue blog reading and writing.

If you haven’t seen my blog yet, it’s here.

Please check it out. 

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  • What woukd you like to we more of?

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Swamp Tree Explained

[YouTube_WD id=5 item=3]

Good evening everyone,

I hope you all enjoy my latest video. I wanted to share my lastest piece with you. I call it Swamp Tree. I use Clip Studio Paint as my main drawing platform. It was inspired by some trees that grow near where we live. I thought that using its basic design and adding a little imagination to it might give it more of a haunted look to it. I enjoy using cross hatching techniques along with ink washes for the background which help to create the illusion of depth as you look out into the distance. The brush choices of Clip Studio Paint made it easy to detail the texture of the bark as well as some work on the grassy bushes.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward your comments.

Swamp Tree

A Weekend drawing to set the week right. This was inspired by some trees I saw while out and about yesterday. Some of the most interesting trees have stood the test of time, weathered all kinds of conditions outside, and survived natural expansion of land reclamation.