Wizard’s Spire

This piece was inspired while I was riding my bike this afternoon. The cloud formations above me made an inverted “c” and my imagination saw a huge purple spire rising from the ground up to the sky. I very quickly started sketching what I saw and filling in the gaps as I went.

This piece took approximately four hours to complete. It was created in Clip Studio Paint and is completely digital.  Seven layers in all were used to create this piece.

I started as I usually do with a rough pencil sketch. I used the pencil tool rather than scanning in anything into the software. I then created an inking layer so that I could get a good look at the design prior to blocking in the colors.

I created the tower using four layers. One base color layer, one shadow layer, one detail layer, and then one layer for blending.

The background and foreground were intentionally designed to sandwhich the tower and provide a feeling that the background was swallowing the tower up. Notice that I used darker trees in the front and lighter ones in the back. This provided more of a sense of depth.

The highlights were created throughout on the bushes and on the tower wherever I thought there needed some emphasis.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

Happy blogging!


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