New on Amazon! The Concept Art Idea Book By Jeffrey Hunt

New on Amazon. Last month I published my first book, The Concept Art Idea Book. I am really excited about the opportunity to help other artists this way by sharing my own lessons learned and my creative processes.

Are you struggling with an idea? Are you looking at a computer screen or a blank piece of paper wondering what to do next? All artists struggle from time to time when translating their ideas from a concept in their mind to a completed piece of artwork. The Concept Art Idea Book is a  collection of my own original over the past year and an explanation of my creative processes. I discuss how some of my pieces were imagined and the methods that I used to bring them to life. The goal of this book is to turn your frustration into inspiration.

The Concept Art Idea Book is out in e-book format and located on This book is for all artists at any level to benefit from. From the most experienced to the amateur artist, this book will help you manage the creative sauce that we use to create great works of art.



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