Tonight’s painting is called Magic Tree. It is a homework assignment from a self development video called “Legendary Photoshop Cheats” by Trent Kanigua. His series of products have definitely inspired me to do more with Photoshop and get out of my comfort zone by experimenting with different approaches and techniques. His library of other products are located here. He has a very good way of explaining some of the neat tools in Photoshop and provides you with insight to create on your own.

Creative Process

I used photo reference of a tree to speed the design process up. I wanted to get right into experimenting with gradient maps and build an interesting scene with a dark fantasy mood…and by dark I mean that the color choice was dark…ahem. I used two gradient maps for the background and the tree. I designed my own custom leaf brushes to go to town with coloring and texturing the tree itself. I’m providing the two bushes I made as a free download to have some fun with.

The Portfolio Template was purchased from Trent’s store and is available here.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post as much as I enjoyed painting it. More to come as we hit the new year hard. Brushes are below and are free. Please comment on, like, and share to your friends.

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