Beware the Zombie…a Poem.

Beware the Zombie

Beware the zombie as it lumbers from town.

Battered and bloodied with an eternal frown.

If you see it, stay out of it’s path.

In order to avoid it’s undead wrath.

Don’t go near it. Stay out of it’s site.

Or suffer you will as an undead wight.

– A Poem by Jeffrey Hunt

About the Piece

I used Clip Studio Paint used to create this illustration. The inspiration for this came to me during my drive home today. I passed through the woods and some open fields and pretended to see a lone zombie walking aimlessly through the area and thought what a neat idea for a drawing and then the poem came to me afterward. Starting with a few quick sketches, I scribbled some thoughts before deciding on the final layout. I tend to spend more time on the ink layer than any other part of the illustration.

The illustration consists of four layers. The ink layer has a color layer and a gradient under it. I used a cloud brush to make the foggy effect behind the zombie. The highlight on the zombie is on a layer above the ink layer to make it “pop”.

Total time spent on the illustration was two hours from start to finish. A cup of coffee and a a great idea is all that it takes. The poem took an additional 20 minutes of playing with words.

Other Works

If you liked this, then you might also like my other works. The Concept Art Idea Book is available if you are interested in any of my style suggestions or thoughts on concept art. Also available is my latest horror comic called Compilation of Horror. It is free if you have Amazon Kindle and it’s also available in hard copy.

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THe Prison

The Prison

The Prison

Good evening. I have another short tale for you horror fans out there. This one is called The Prison. What do you do when you are jailed metaphysically? Is there ever any escape and what would that look like? Enjoy!

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stranger in the night


Stranger in the Night is a short story I put together for all you horror fans out there. I wrote and illustrated this short comic based on an old short horror story. I am timing myself each time I do a story in which I write, pencil, color, and letter, all in the same day and have it down to about six hours start to finish. As a result, I use my time more wisely and don’t second guess myself. Short deadlines force me to make decisions that I need to make without allowing myself to second guess myself. Trent Kanigua has some great videos about this. I also have a previous discussion here.

If you have ever watch the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits, you may have seen a similar tale to this one. It’s been used a lot in different forms of media but I consider this attempt at Fan Art and an artistic acknowledgement of some great literary work. I do read a lot and I watch a lot of reruns so its no wonder that I’m full of older inspirations.

Below you’ll see the comic and a WIP video I uploaded to YouTube for your viewing entertainment. As always, I hope to hear what you think about my work.

Have a great day.

Stranger in the Night

Stranger in the Night Comic
My latest book is available in Paperback and Kindle

compilation of horror now available at

Compilation of Horror Now Available at

Hey everyone! Compilation of Horror is now available at Written and illustrated by none other than yours truly, I am proud to say that it’s available in Kindle format. The print version will be available once the review is completed.

If you like ghost stories, you should enjoy this book. It consists of two short stories that will keep you up at night. Inspired by such shows as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits the ending of each story is not what you’d expect.

Pick up your copy today!

submitted to publisher

I submitted my comic to the publisher for review. Fingers crossed it gets accepted. I started working on this in September 2020 and I feel very relieved and excited at the same time to have finished it.

horror compilation cover

Hello everyone. I have finished my cover art for my horror compilation graphic novel. I waited until the end to do the cover but honestly I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do to. I had a lot of great ideas. The cover is for a 20 page book with two stories that will be going on sale with Amazon as soon as it’s complete. I am finishing the colors and edits at this time.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think. I have also included a time lapse video sample of my drawing process.

The cover for my new book.