Return to the Forgotten Castle

forgotten castle

Return to the Forgotten Castle

This is a cover design for a book that I came up with. I decided to experiment by adding text to my digital painting to give it a little more oomph. This piece was created using Clip Studio Paint. I have switched back from Photoshop as I enjoy the tools and the drawing experience a bit more.

What are your thoughts? Would you be attracted to a book with a cover like this?

Christmas Fireplace Warmth

Christmas Fireplace Warmth is sure to warm your heart as the temperature gets colder outside. Hanging Christmas stockings lovingly placed over the fireplace along with just enough decorations creates a warm and inviting mood. This holiday design works with many gifts you may have in store for your loved ones and is available here.

This is a digital design that was created using Clip Studio Paint and Flame Painter 4.

Mountain Lair of the Wizard King


Lair of the Wizard King


The Lair of the Wizard King sits far into the mountains. As the Wizard King plans his next move from the safety of his sanctum, he is protected from almost every direction. The tower is built into the side of a mountain and was once owned by the local dwarves that lived in the region. Once they regroup, they will take back their home and remove the wizard from his stolen home. The story continues later so stay tuned for more.

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