Vacation Day 1

18 Jun, 2017
I am out on the beach today refocusing my creative energy and catching up on some long overdue blog reading and writing. If you haven’t seen my blog yet, it’s here. Please ...
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Good evening everyone,

I hope you all enjoy my latest video. I wanted to share my lastest piece with you. I call it Swamp Tree. I use Clip Studio Paint as my main drawing platform. It was inspired by some trees that grow near where we live. I thought that using its basic design and adding a little imagination to it might give it more of a haunted look to it. I enjoy using cross hatching techniques along with ink washes for the background which help to create the illusion of depth as you look out into the distance. The brush choices of Clip Studio Paint made it easy to detail the texture of the bark as well as some work on the grassy bushes.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward your comments.

Swamp Tree

12 Jun, 2017
A Weekend drawing to set the week right. This was inspired by some trees I saw while out and about yesterday. Some of the most interesting trees have stood the test ...

Coffee Mugs

10 Jun, 2017

Bed Spreads

10 Jun, 2017

Beach Scene

10 Jun, 2017