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J Hunt Graphix Studios welcomes you. My name is Jeff and I design stuff. I create illustrations, make comics, publish books and create videos from the images I design.

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About J Hunt Graphix – Learn more about me

About J Hunt Graphix! I’m a digital illustrator who takes pride in being able to produce quality products and assist with projects. I have more than 20 years of experience working with customers and providing results.

Completed Logos and T-Shirts

Logos, Media, and Designs are a great way to build your brand. I can assist with many of your needs. Below are many of my completed designs and projects.v

Bunker Bar

J HUNT GRAPHIX Services – Bringing ideas to Life

I offer a variety of creative skills for any artistic need. I utilize Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, In Design, and various other software to create my illustrations. I am proficient in traditional art techniques if you are looking for that special look.


I write and draw my own books and am committed to continuing to publish new content for various genres.

Character Design

Need to bring a character to life? I can help you visualize the characters that star in your next book.


I can design illustrations for book covers, albums, or other media.


I can create a beautiful logo and brand to encapsulate your business purpose and goals.

Web Design

Need a banner for your website? I’ve got you covered. I can work to integrate your graphics into usable web graphics.

What’s New?

Zombie…Part 2

Zombie…Part 2 takes off from when we left our readers last time. OK. Maybe a little too satirical but zombie art has sure got me interested. Full transparency. There isn’t a part one so don’t worry about missing anything. This is just about having a little fun.

Beware the Zombie…a Poem.

Beware the zombie as it lumbers from town.

Battered and bloodied with an eternal frown.

If you see it, stay out of it’s path.

In order to avoid it’s undead wrath.

Don’t go near it. Stay out of it’s site.

Or suffer you will as an undead wight.

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